Junsu’s “Uncommitted” Commitment

right, there’s going to be a TON of things to write when i get over it…. i’m half-asleep, so only this much is possible of my Junsu-clogged sleepy brain…

i was never the jealous kind, until i met Junsu… and then it seemed like all the world’s green-eyed monsters came and sat on my shoulders having fun when the teasers for Uncommitted were released. i was about to go lope off Jun’s head au natural after seeing them, but i decided, might as well give the poor boy a chance to let me see the MV 😛

and i’m glad i gave him that chance, for whatever carrying, clinging and nearly kissing actions he did on the MV, all it took was a smile to pacify me. when he smiles in the MV, the world stopped revolving for a moment. ♥♥ i guess that is the Junsu effect?


i should tell you though that he got this chance only because the music of of the track is so addictive. minutes after the first teaser was out, i was humming along “uncommitted”. musically once again, he has done what he does best: astonish and amaze us. and his Engrish…. i feel sorry for Chun: it’s improved so much that i think Chun will now need a new Engrish-victim. hey, i’m not saying it’s the best in the world, but truth is, i could understand almost every word he sang and as always Jun has great lyrical enunciation, so the pronunciation was good too. i’d say in comparison to “i want you. you want me?” (i do, i do!), “she said i’m uncommitted. that i’m too much of a player” (dangerous waters you tread on Junchan…) is better! all in all, HAPPY with his Engrish! 😀

what i like best about Junchan when it comes to these things is his absolute commitment to it and his easy willingness to try out new things. for his concerts he took on a different hair colour at each stop, just because it would enhance the level of performance. that’s dedication right there. but my point is, he’s always willing to try new things without a fuss. plus points for that!

what stands out about Uncommitted MV, other than the hair, styling, clothes, scenes… oh wait, that’s pretty much everything, ok, so other than everything else… the angle the MV was shot at is interesting. the MV was shot on a wide angle as opposed to the normal style of shooting and this change in the norms of MV shooting is something i’ve come to expect of him. Tarantallegra’s MV-style was one thing, Uncommitted’s MV-style is another thing altogether, but the effect is just as powerful. i can’t quite yet figure out if it has any other effect but it made me concentrate solely on the space of action on the screen and perhaps this is what made me get more involved in the MV. if you think about it logically and objectively, the MV is shot like a normal MV, it isn’t Tarantallegra’s avant garde mind-blowing conceptual bomb. what separates it from the masses is the style it’s shot in and how the MV is tackled. it suits the lyrics to the tee, but then again, i’ve also come to expect that perfection from Jun. it just comes with his aura i guess. 🙂

i’ll do this more properly when i’m awake but for now, thanks my love for the great MV and more than that a really committed song even if you were “uncommitted” ♥♥ 😉

One thought on “Junsu’s “Uncommitted” Commitment

  1. Also involved was the creative director Ray. He commented, “To create a chic but dreamlike urban style, we shot on location in LA instead of on a set. We also used an animorphic format. And since this music video is dealing with the delicate psychological differences between male and female there will be two teasers released“.

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